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FAQ about our Bulk SMS Services

  • What is ez4usms?
  • ez4usms is a SMS gateway that provides the most reliable Bulk SMS services in the market.

    It is used for everyone that wants an easy and affordable way to send Bulk SMS online.

  • What is the cost of ez4usms?
  • ez4usms is provided without any service cost. Users pay only for the messages

    that they buy. You can find our SMS package and a detailed pricelist.

  • How can I create a new account?
  • You can follow the link Sign Up and fill in your personal data (username, password, email, mobile-phone). That's it, your account is ready!

  • I forgot my password, what have I got to do?
  • At the top of the home page there is a "Log in here" link, after you click it you will find another link "Lost your password?".

    Follow it and you will be asked to fill in your username. Your password will be sent to your email.

  • Which countries are covered by ez4usms services?
  • We cover almost all networks all over the world. For more informations please contact us

  • Do you cover mobile numbers that changed from one network operator to another?
  • Our services cover 100% telephone numbers that have used portability for all networks.

  • What is a sender id?
  • Sender id is a number or name that you can choose to be shown to the field "sender" at the recipient's device.

    When sender identity contains only numbers the message can contain up to 16 digits.

    When sender identity contains letters the mesage can contain up to 11 latin characters.

    You can define the sender's name in every sending or store it to your account from the menu "profile".

    Examples of usage:







  • What are scheduled sendings?
  • You can schedule your SMS sendings for future dates.

    You only have to provide the essential details (date - time) after you write your message text.

    This service is provided to all users for free.

  • What is the cost for every message that I send?
  • For a message up to 160 characters the cost of your sending is 1 credit.

    With your account opening we give you 5 free credits.

  • How can I buy credits?
  • We offer several ways of payment.

    You can check details on this page: Payment ways

  • Messages that I buy are expiring?
  • No, you can buy a bigger SMS package in order to benefit from the better prices and you will have your credits available until you use them.

  • Should I pay VAT for my payments?
  • ez4usms charges 23% VAT for all customers from Greece, in all payment ways.

    There is not VAT charge to companies outside Greece.

  • Can I get an invoice for my payments?
  • In every payment you will get a payment reciept.

    If you need an invoice, send us your details at invoices@ez4usms.com or fill the field "Invoice details" in your account "profile"

  • What is a coupon code?
  • Coupon code is a code that corresponds to SMS credits.

  • What are Bonus coupons?
  • Bonus coupons are codes that provide a discount rate for the next payment.

  • Can I connect my account with third party applications?
  • Every account is authorized to use our HTTP API in order to be connected with your applications.

    In case you are interested for SMPP connection please contact us at smpp@ez4usms.com

  • Can I check my history of payments?
  • In order to check your payment history you have to login to your account and from "control panel" choose "payments history".

  • Can I check the status of my sent SMS?
  • In every account we offer analytical history and delivery report of sent SMS for single and bulk sendings.

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