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Case studies for bulk SMS usage

Usage examples and bulk SMS case studies     

The use of SMS as a means of communication, information and advertising has many advantages.

First of all, SMS is a more discreet means of communication than telephone. It enables the exchange of information with the client, colleague, friend, etc., without disturbing or interrupting him during his work.

Sending Bulk SMS is a much less time consuming procedure than a phone call or an email. At the same time, in order to receive the message the recipient doesn’t have to be at his computer or phone. Furthermore, unlike email, SMS reaches the recipient without the risk to be considered as spam and be deleted.

In particular, some of the advantages of sending bulk SMS to companies, firms and individuals are:

  • Bulk SMS is the best solution for:
    • Easy and fast sending of wishes at holidays and other circumstances
    • Alert and inform about meetings, conferences, gatherings, etc.
    • Informing customers about new products, prices, business offers
    • Invitations to corporate events
    • Information on financial matters
    • Promotional messages to attract visitors – customers
    • Communication with club members
    • Immediate notification of the company’s workers and employees for unscheduled issues (e.g. change of meeting time) and to securely send important information to customers and suppliers.
  • SMS are very small in size and do not require additional space in terms of memory capacity. Therefore they are easy to use, because the recipient can see the message at any time without the risk of loosing or deleting it.
  • In addition, the cost of sending bulk SMS is much less than traditional forms of communication and advertising.
  • With SMS we can communicate with thousands of people simultaneously, something that can not happen with traditional media of communication or advertising

Bulk SMS sending can be used for many purposes by different categories of professionals. In the following list you can find some examples of how our customers use our Bulk SMS Software.

  • Commercial enterprises: The most common application for commercial businesses is to send greeting messages during holidays. Furthermore, many companies choose to inform their customers about financial offers, new products and services, or maybe a reminder that the ordered oriducts are ready for pickup. This way they achieve the advertising and promotion of their products with the most direct and economical way.
  • IT companies: software companies, internet providers, forums etc. use our bulk SMS application to inform their customers and subscribers for known software bugs, for scheduled times of server going down for maintenance, as a password reminder, etc.
  • Educational Institutions: Private schools, colleges, language schools, etc. are able to inform students and parents about meetings, changes in dates of courses and examinations, students' absences, payment reminder, etc.
  • Non-Governmental Organizations, Clubs, Foundations, Associations: By sending bulk SMS provide information on renewal subscriptions and new activities, invitations to events, meetings, gatherings, etc.
  • Local authority bodies such as townships, municipalities, cultural centers, etc., use bulk SMS sending inform employees about meetings and other decisions, as well as citizens on the implementation of social policy programs..
  • Banks, brokers, etc.: Financial institutions use bulk SMS to inform their customers about the transactions of their account, to send PINs for internet banking, information on shares, etc.
  • Employment agencies: They use SMS to inform about new jobs updates, new candidates, etc
  • Real Estate Business: Many real estate agents inform their clients by sending SMS when new properties appear on the market that might interest them.
  • Airlines, Travel Agencies: Provide information on possible changes to flight schedules, booking information, new offers and other services.
  • Hotels, Travel Business: Hotels use Bulk SMS in order to send the booking confirmation, offers on travel packages, etc.
  • Politicians: With bulk SMS they send wishes and promote their services to voters.
  • Advertising companies: They promote any advertising campaign of their customers fast, economical and very effectively.

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