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Help on our Bulk SMS Software

Contact management

  • Add contact

    From the main menu choose "Address Book" and then "Contacts". Click on "Add contact".

    Insert the desired data at the fields and click Save.

  • Groups creation and add contacts

    From the main menu choose "Address Book" and then "Groups". Click on "Add group".

    Insert the name of the group (required field) and comments (optional field) if you wish. Then choose "Save".

    Once you have finished you can click on the group name to edit it, add contacts, etc.

    You can choose "Add contacts" for stored contacts or "Add contacts from file" for uploading an external contacts file.

    When you have finished, click "Add".

  • Add contacts from file

    You can upload a contacts file from tab "Contacts" and from tab "Groups" if you wish to add them to a contacts group.

    From menu "Contacts" choose "Add contacts from file".

    At the next menu choose the desired contacts file from your local drive and click Add.

    File format can be csv, txt or xls

    The fields are: Phone, Surname, Name, Comments.

    The only required field is Phone and all other fields are optional (for personalized sendings, name and surname fields should not be empty).

    For xls files each column should have one field (Phone, Surname, Name, Comments).

    To add contacts from file into a contact group follow the instructions for Groups creation.

    Example files: click here to download a zip file with samples

  • Delete contacts

    From menu "Contacts" choose "Delete contacts"

    At the next menu shown choose:

    i. "Delete all contacts" to delete all contacts from your account

    ii. "Delete all contacts that do not belong to a group"

SMS templates

    SMS templates are used to store ready SMS at your account for future sendings.

  • From menu "Templates" choose "Add template".

    At the next menu insert the title for the SMS template and the message text. Then choose "Save".

Send SMS

    In order to send SMS follow these steps:

  • Send SMS to user(s) or group(s) that are stored to your account.

    i. Choose or insert sender identity.

    ii. Choose recipient(s).

    As you are typing characters or numbers to the field "to" available contacts and groups are presented.

    If a number is not stored in your contacts, it will be added to the send list when you press enter.

  • Send SMS from file for bulk sendings.

    You can send SMS using a file without storing contacts to your account. The file should be of specific type (txt, csv, xls).

    Choose at "Send from:" the link "File" and then "Choose file" to upload a file from your computer.

    Then choose "Upload" and after the procedure has finished you will be informed about the number of contacts that have been read and the cost of the SMS.

  • Send personalized SMS

    If you want to send personalized SMS, insert #name# and #surname# at the message text. Name and surname will be taken automatically from your address book.


    General help for SMS sendings

  • Insert the message text, trying to avoid "copy - paste". You can use characters (GSM and UTF8 supported), symbol and numbers.

    The following characters are counted as double (in UTF8 are counted normally): [ , ] , { , } , € , ~ , ^ , | , \

    If the text is over 160 characters the message in charged as double. For these messages (concatenated, long SMS) one credit is used for every 153 characters.

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