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Send SMS using SOAP API

SOAP API for Bulk SMS sending

SOAP is a simple XML based protocol to let applications exchange information over HTTP.

SOAP provides a way to communicate between applications running on different operating systems, with different technologies and programming languages.

  • Supports text, Unicode and flash messaging.
  • Support of all languages with special characters (Arabic, Chinese, Greek etc)
  • Support for concatenated messages (long SMS)
  • Support for bulk sendings
  • Dynamic sender identity
  • Delivery reports
  • Easy to use

How to connect via SOAP

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SOAP API Specifications:

Soap API includes two functions:

"send" for sms sending to one or multiple recipients


"query" for recieving delivery reports of sent messages to one or more recipients.

The "send" function accepts the following parameters:

username (string), username

password (string), password

from (string), sender’s identity

to (object), recipient(s)

coding (string), coding that message will be sent. GSM, UTF-8.

flash (boolean), flash sms (true for flash SMS, false for normal SMS)

The parameter "to" is an object with one property. The property has the identifier: recipients and it is one table of strings.

The "send" function returns one ID for the sent message.

It returns the following exceptions:

Authentication error.

No recipients.

Invalid sender identity.

Insufficient credits.

The "query" function accepts the following parameters:

username: (string), username

password: (string), password

message_id: (string), message’s ID

mobile: (string), recipient’s mobile

The "query" function returns the message’s delivery status for the specified recipient.

The returned values are:





This request can return the following exceptions:

Authentication error.

No message ID defined.

No mobile defined.

No such message or recipient.

Sample code for SOAP API


// create soap client
$client = new SoapClient('http://ez4usms.com/api/soap/sms.wsdl');

// create recipients container
$to = new stdClass();
// add recipients
$to->recipients = array('306991111111', '306941234567');

// send message
$ID = $client->send('username', 'password', 'sender', $to, 'Είμαι το soap API!', 'UTF-8', true);

// check delivery status for each recipient
foreach( $to->recipients as $index => $recipient )
    echo $client->query('username', 'password', $ID, $recipient);


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